This Project is a joint for the company "CWOF Cyprus Walk of Fame LTD" (Cyprus) and the Municipality of Limassol. The Project is a charitable and profit is not its purpose.

From Organizing Committee

Cyprus Walk of Fame is starting a program to “Grow a star”

Organizing Committee announces the start a program of the “Grow a star”. The first stage of this program represents a selection of young musicians living in Cyprus. The selection will be organized by watching and listening to audio and video files. At the same time (we plan to start from September) will begin its work on...

New names in the list of nominees

In the near future in the list of People’s nominees Cyprus Walk of Fame will have new names. But, there is a list on which our users were unable to provide data in full, which is required for nomination. This 3-4 photos and brief biography in English and Greek. Here is the list and you...
Winner of open design competition "Visual symbol of Cyprus Walk of Fame"!

Winner of open design competition “Visual symbol of Cyprus Walk of Fame”!

Jury «Visual symbol of Cyprus Walk of Fame» issued a final decision on the winners list. Project Organizing Committee approved this decision.  So, the winners : 1-st place, the contract with the project «Cyprus Walk of Fame» and incentive prize in the form of fishing for tuna in Ayia Napa (Cyprus) is the winner of...
Online vote for the people's candidates

Online vote for the people’s candidates

The preliminary list of nominees from the people in 2014 We apologize. Open online voting starts after the nomination of the names of the first three candidates. We will inform about it. more