Organizing Committee announces the start a program of the “Grow a star”. The first stage of this program represents a selection of young musicians living in Cyprus. The selection will be organized by watching and listening to audio and video files. At the same time (we plan to start from September) will begin its work on the outdoor concert venue Cyprus Walk of Fame. Every Saturday, at 19-00 in the beginning of the street Dimitry Mitropolou will be live concert one of the participants of the program “Grow a star.” The duration of the concert is one hour. Visit is free. Information about the concert will be posted on the internet and any listener can express their opinion about the singer or musician. Cyprus Walk of Fame invites cooperation with composers and producers who want to entrust their works to young musician. Any questions, please write to the e-mail
P.S. The Committee will consider not only singers or musicians. Any young talent can take part in the program.