Nominations for the Cyprus Walk of Fame are accepted until December 15st of each year.

Who Can Nominate?

All Cypriots residents are encouraged to nominate one or more Cypriots, past or present, who have contributed significantly to our state or nation. Out-of-state no-residents are welcome all to participate as well.

 How Many Nominations May I Submit?

You can nominate as many Nominates as you would like, but only one name can be submitted at a time. If nominating more than one person you will need to submit each nominee’s name individually.

How Often Should I Nominate Someone?

We have made your job easy. You only have to nominate a Nominate once for consideration by the selection committee. Multiple nominations of the same person are not necessary.

Will I be Able to Nominate Throughout the Year?

Yes. While the selection committee will choose Cyprus Walk of Fame inductees only once a year, nominations are accepted and encouraged throughout the year. Nominations received after the annual selection process is completed will be considered the following year.

What If I Am Not Sure Which Nomination Category is Appropriate? 

An explanation of each of the six nomination categories with occupational or interest examples is provided. If you are still uncertain after reviewing this information, choose the category that you feel is the most appropriate.

What If I Do Not Know or I Am Unsure About Specific Dates or Details?

That is not a problem. The information available to us for research purposes as that of any historical museum in the nation. We simply request that you provide as much information as possible.

Will I be Charged a Fee to My Nominate?

No. Participation in the nomination process is free and will cost you only a few minutes of your time. If desired, opportunities are available to support the Cyprus Walk of Fame through financial contributions: secure online giving form