* Arts & Entertainment

Includes people outstanding in the fields of arts and entertainment, all areas of artistic endeavor and entertainers such as radio, music, cinema and TV personalities.

* Civic & Community Leadership

Includes leaders of law, political and social institutions and movements or community activists.

* Sport & Recreation

Includes people known for achievements in athletics or recreation and/or as promoters, journalists or broadcasters in these fields.

* Education & Literature

Includes teachers and educational administrators, those who have devoted themselves to education in school or colleges and universities and also writers of non-technical creative works, including poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction.

* Agriculture, Business & Industry

Includes people who have pioneered or significantly changed the field of agriculture and/or production or sale of goods and services. Those who have changed the way agricultural and traditional business is done.

* Medicine, Science & Technology

Includes people who restore and maintain health; or have contributed to our understanding of the environment and world or created practical innovations that make life easier.