In accordance to the previously achieved agreements between Municipality of Limassol and CWOF Cyprus Walk of Fame Ltd, we hereby announce that the Nominee Committee for the «Cyprus Walk of Fame» has been appointed. The Committee will evaluate and choose the people to be honored for their contributions and achievements in the social sphere: science, culture, sports and social life the Cypriot society in general.

Members of the Nominee Committee of «Cyprus Walk of Fame» are:




Financial Director in Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd и Schoeller  Holdings Ltd

Phivos  Vakis




Conductor, musician

Vasos  Argyrides





Journalist, publisher, authors of books on cooking

Athena  Loizides
 Manos Moyseos  





Journalists, general manager of MAAC Marketing LTD (Radio Stations Klik FM, Choice FM, Hit FM, Russian Wave)

Manos Moyseos 






Journalists, publisher, producer, creative director of CWOF Cyprus Walk of Fame Ltd

Stefan  Bakh






Executive Director of CWOF Cyprus Walk of Fame Ltd

Maxim  Yashkov
 Andreas Christou  





Mayor of Limassol

Andreas  Christou
 Xaris Trikkis  





Municipal Advisor, Businessmen

Xaris  Trikkis





Municipal Advisor, Private employee

Persa  Papaioannou





Municipal Advisor, Accountant – Auditor

Panos  Anastasiou





Municipal Advisor, Bureau of Transport & Services

Prodromos Ttoppouzis
 ???I 2011  




Municipal Advisor, Dentist

Niki Pantelidou





Municipal Advisor,  Architect

Miltos  Papadopoulos

Organizing Committee and the Municipality of Limassol

November 11, 2014