The goal of the competition is to attract interest to the Project from the international intellectual community and create a new creative platform for collaboration between painters, designers from different countries of Europe and Asia.

Despite erupted recently in Cyprus financial crisis, the Administration of Limassol believes that such projects cannot be delayed “for later”, and should serve the task of unifying the peoples in difficult periods in the development of any state.
Culture is probably the only social group that cannot be exposed to any of inflation!

Due to legal issues, Сompetition has not yet announced on the Cyprus officially, although many local designers and painters are already preparing their materials for participation. But in Russia and some other European countries the competition was launched with great activity.
For the first week of the placement of information about the contest in mass media the primary registration have passed more than 20 companies and designers, among them:

  1. Giorgos Yiasoumis (Cyprus)
  2. Creative Agency of the Course (Russia)
  3. Design Studio “LeoWing” (Russia)
  4. Kazakova Maria Alexandrovna (Russia)
  5.  Agency Brand I (Russia)
  6. Company “Kella-Studio” (Russia)
  7. Design Studio «Holmax» (Russia)
  8. LTD  “Double Positive Group (Russia)
  9. Internet Studio 100UP (Russia)
  10. Agency Red and Red (Russia)
  11. Design-Studio of the Agency Garuss-Print (Russia)
  12. Creative Agency GoldenSky (Russia)
  13. Advertising Agency Digital Project (Russia)
  14. Advertising Agency Regina (Russia)
  15.  Chingiz Rasulzade
  16. Advertising Agency Premier (Russia)
  17. Media holding “DV-Press” (Russia)
  18. Advertising Agency WebInTouch (Ukraine)
  19. Communication Agency Comagency (Russia)
  20. The Company IStage (Russia)
  21. Production Studio “Prime time” (Russia)
  22. Design Centre “Look Up” (Russia)
  23. Am/pm creative agency (Russia)
  24. Advertising group MEX (Ukraine)
  25. The Agency Brandwood (Russia)
  26. Margarita Dalit (Russia)
  27. The Company 2х9 studio (Russia)
  28. Advertising Agency 365 creative (Russia)
  29. Agency of marketing communications «Promo-S Group» (Russia)

 va creative banner


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30.  Advertising Agency Prime Commercial (Armenia)

31.  Creative design Studio ANTARGO (Ukraine)

32.  Ideal Decision Studio (Ukraine)

33.  Maria Orlova (Ukraine)

34.  Branding Agency me too Intelligent Business Solutions (Ukraine) 

35.  Galina Egorova (Russia)

36.  Evdokia Taliodorou (Cyprus)

37.  Dali Advertising  (Cyprus)  

38.  Je9 Design (Cyprus)    

39.  Aleksandar Yonchev (Cyprus)

40.   gobLinWorx LTD (Cyprus)


42.  Olga Golovan (Russia)

43.  Anton Shappo (Russia)

44.  BrandSystem (Ukraine)

45.  Integral Media Agency (Armenia)

46.  Xrista Damianou Stavrou (Cyprus)

Registration of participants continues.

Wishing to take part in the Contest can submit their applications at e-mail: cypruswalkoffame@gmail.com

Memorandum of the open competition «Visual symbol Cyprus Walk of Fame»  and Brief  for the designer will be sent to you automatically.

For details of the Project development and progress of the contest you can track on the website www.cypruswalkoffame.com, which will be opened for General access in the near future.

Potential partners and sponsors may also contact: cypruswalkoffame@gmail.com