June 30, 2014

Hollywood Limassol style

A MINI TASTE of Hollywood is heading Limassol’s way when it inaugurates the “Cyprus Walk of Fame” on Wednesday.
The Walk of Fame was conceived in 2012 by the Municipality of Limassol to celebrate Cypriot accomplishments, promote Limassol as the “cultural capital city” and create a permanent tourist attraction in downtown Limassol, which is currently undergoing an economic revival. The Russian company Cyprus Walk of Fame Ltd is co-partner of the scheme.  http://cyprus-mail.com/

April 22, 2014

Walk of Fame nominees

The preliminary list of names nominated by the public for induction in the 2013/2014 Cyprus Walk of Fame has been released by project organisers. Each year, a committee will review the public’s nominees and decide who can be inducted into the ‘Cyprus Walk of Fame’      incyprus.com.cy

January 28, 2014

Long  list of nominees of the Project for 2014

Organizing Committee of Cyprus Walk of Fame to announce about starts the works with the long list of nominees of the Project for 2014. Except list the names of famous personalities, which will be drawn up Nomination Committee will be submitted to an additional list of nominees. Nominees on the proposals of the people! This part of the project is interactive and allows anyone to nominate in candidacy himself or to name the person worthy of such an award!
The requirements to the nominee can be found at    The Cyprus Walk of Fame Nomination Criteria

There is a form for the nomination                                  http://www.cypruswalkoffame.com/en/?page_id=148

The recording  radio RUSSIA WAVE                              Walk of Fame


November 4, 2013

Information about the competition

Announced the first winner competiton of “Visual symbol Cyprus Walk of Fame”.  While this is from number participant a vote, not the contestants.  in details

October 23, 2013

Information from Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee of the Project and the jury of the contest «Visual symbol Cyprus Walk of Fame» informs the participants of the contest on extension of the period of the National online voting until 31 October 2013. We remind, voting takes place on the website http://lemesos-blog.com/category/cwof/


October 4, 2013

Today producer of the project “Cyprus Walk of Fame”, Stefan Bakh was a guest at the radio station “Russian Wave”



The recording        2013-10-04 10-00-00 Channel 1

July 26, 2013

Organizing Committee of the Project “Cypriot Walk of Fame” has announced the open competition of designers and technologists «Visual symbol Cyprus Walk of Fame»

Source: Financial Mirror.com

May 30, 2013

On 24 may In the Municipality of Limassol was the first meeting of the working group of the project «Cyprus Walk of Fame» (Avenue of stars)

At the end of may in the Municipality of Limassol, was held the first meeting of the working group of the project «Cyprus Walk of Fame» (Avenue of stars). The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Limassol  Andreas Christou, Deputy Mayor Savvas Stouppas, head of Committee for development of tourism and Yiannis Armeftis and producer of the project Stefan Bakh.

Source: Yareah Magazine

February 8, 2013

The delegation the Municipality of Limassol visited sister city Haifa

The fifth of February, Deputy mayor of Limassol Savvas Stouppas and the head of the Committee for the development of tourism and Yiannis Armeftis visited Haifa (Israel), to gain experience of colleagues in the framework of the project «the Alley of stars». As previously announced, to implement a project in Cyprus suggested a Russian company for its own account in exchange for a rent alley, a certain number of years. Therefore it is not excluded, that soon in Limassol will be another unique attraction.

Source: Vestnik Kipra